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Balinese Massage

60 minutes massage: 250k

90 minutes massage: 350k

120 minutes massage: 500k

Balinese massage is a full body massage process by relying on a combination of pressure from the thumbs and palms with long strokes massage technique. In this way, Balinese massage can soothe stiff and tense muscles due to daily routines.

The massage includes legs, back, hands, neck, chest and head and in detail.

Body Scrub

30 minutes: 200k

90 minutes body scrub + massage: 450k

Scrubs are useful for removing dead skin cells so that the skin becomes smoother and softer.

Hot Stone Massage

90 minutes: 450k

Hot stone massage is massage therapy with hot stones that aims to relieve tense muscles, help relax, and repair damaged soft tissues in the body. The stones used in hot stone massage are made of basalt, which is a type of volcanic rock that can withstand heat.

Foot Reflexology

60 minutes: 250k

Foot reflexes are useful for improving the balance of functions and systems in the body. Because the veins throughout the body are dotted / resting on the soles of the feet. Reflection helps the body become more relaxed. Reducing pain that arises due to excessive pressure and stress.

Ear Candle

30 minutes ear candle + head massage: 150k

The benefits of ear candles remove the buildup of earwax, reduce the risk of ear infections, and improve hearing.


60 minutes: 250k

Facial is a series of facial skin care to improve the appearance of the skin and can make the body more relaxed.
Treatment includes: exfoliating the skin, removing dirt, and removing dead skin cells, so that the face becomes fresher, smoother and brighter.